When Vertra was first launched in 2004, it was the first Premium Suncare line to hit the action sports market. We continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality suncare and in cosmetics. Our goal is to bring to the people a revolutionary and unique suncare line with products that feel amazing and work to protect you to the ends of the earth.

Vertra is committed to creating a premium line that is not only reef-safe, Octinoxate & Oxybenzone free, but also infused with non-nano, mineral UVA/UVB blockers that meet the maximum 80-minute FDA water and sweat resistance ratings. Our line protects the Earth’s reefs and your skin at the same time.

For over a decade now Vertra has provided the ocean’s best athletes with superior UV protection with our patented processes. Word of our product’s proven durability, smooth application and ultra comfortable wear has spread outside of the ocean sports realm. Vertra is now considered the ultimate skincare for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Vertra is also the official suncare provider for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association, the unified voice of Hawaii’s world renowned water safety officers.

We have earned a loyal following from not only professional athletes, but also men and women who want their skin to look and feel its best. Whether it is surfing, biking, road tripping or sun worshipping, our product helps you to always be in your element and know you are in the best hands when it comes to sun protection.

From our famous face sticks to now our brand new line of lotions, sprays, lip balms and after sun care system-Vertra has you covered.

Vertra is Elemental Resistance

The Future is Covered


Vertra, Elemental Resistance was formed by a group of dedicated Hawaiian surf athletes in 2004. There was a need in the market for a true athlete based, easy-to-use, high performance alternative to traditional sunscreens. The offerings at the time were limited to drugstore brands or high-end cosmetic brands with little in between; especially in the surf, paddle boarding and snow worlds where nothing existed for athletes whose activities involved long-term sun exposure. In developing our product line, Vertra did not have the everyday sunbathing consumer in mind, but instead built premium products with the performance needs of world-class athletes first and foremost. What’s good for the best is good for the rest.

In response to this market void, Vertra developed our concept of “Elemental Resistance” products. Our collection quickly expanded with a consistent emphasis on sport-specific qualities like non-greasy application, water/sweat resistance and premium ingredients. The ultimate result, “Elemental Resistance,” was a cosmetic-grade product line that provided a natural-looking visible barrier against sun damage, was easy to carry and apply, had the weight and wear-ability of a cosmetic foundation and was definitely not your traditional greasy sunblock. Vertra quickly gained a loyal following among serious everyday surfers, paddlers, watermen, snowboarders and Lifeguards.

Vertra’s single greatest asset is our family, or “Ohana" in Hawaiian. Our Family of world-class surfers, paddlers, swimmers, watermen, first-responders, etc. have enabled us to build the best product in the market. We share a common vision: Create a product and brand for true outdoor athletes that is unparalleled in the sports world; a true sport-specific premium sun care line that is built to protect.

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