Optimum “Broad Spectrum” protection against skin damaging UVA rays and skin burning UVB rays.


All Vertra products are tested to the industry maximum. There are (40 Minutes) and (80 Minutes) requirements. The SPF number that appears on our products is the SPF protection level AFTER subjects have been exposed to 80 minutes of water immersion.


Vertra is proud to be the Official Suncare Provider for the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association – The unified voice of Hawaii’s elite ocean safety officers.


All Vertra ingredients are Reef Safe. Our sunscreen products do not contain any Oxybenzone or Octinoxate.



Designed, formulated and manufactured to the highest cosmetic industry standards.


Through years of R&D, both with our athletes and in the lab, we have developed products designed with the lifestyles and extreme demands of the most serious athlete. World class athletes like Mick Fanning, Shane Dorian and John John Florence.

When I surf in the blazing sun for hours on end, I only trust Vertra. I haven’t found anything that stays on so well and allows me to surf all day long, day after day.

Shane DorianLegendary Professional Surfer and Big Wave Charger

I have been part of the Vertra Team for over 7 years and there is a reason; it is plain and simply the best sunscreen on the market.

Mick Fanning3X World Champion Surfer

My life in Hawaii is all about riding waves all day long in pure sunshine year around. I use Vertra because it’s the best and I can keep the stick in my pocket and apply it at anytime in any ocean condition I am in.

Kai LennyWorld Champion Paddler and Incredible Waterman

Your Vertra Kona Gold is, by far, the best sun block on the market.  Colleagues of mine had told me about it years ago, but I never bought it because I am on a tight budget, but this summer I decided to give it a shot.  I’ve been an Ocean Lifeguard for 18 years, have tried dozens of different sun blocks, and I’ve never felt safer from the sun then when I’m wearing Vertra.  No other screen is as comfortable (no running into the eyes or acne), and stays on as well as yours when you are in and out of the water all day!

Thanks for your time, and more importantly thank you for making such a superior product!

LA County LifeguardFirst Responder