foun·da·tion /foun’daSH(e)n
noun: foundation; plural noun: foundations
1. an underlying basis or principle for something.
2. a colored cream, powder, or liquid used as a base to even out facial skin tone before applying other cosmetics.
3. justification or reason.

The core of our brand - our FOUNDATION, has always been our athletes. From research and development, to fulfilling personal and professional goals in their respective sports, to just being great human beings. Without our ambassadors, we would not be here today; their accolades are incredible - world championships, Olympians, life-saving First Responders, numerous event victories, etc.

As we delved deeper into their personalities, one reoccurring and common character trait became evident. They were all very grounded in their personal lives outside of their professions. We looked at their life Foundations; childhoods, challenges, successes and what helps to keep their lives in perspective today.

The ocean was a driving force here, as it is the foundation of the brand in many respects. Individually, it was often the support of family or the constant yearning for new challenges.

All of the things provide great insight into the Foundations of these personalities.... The Foundation of Vertra.

Vertra Foundation Video

Monyca Eleogram Foundation Video

Dusty Payne Foundation Video

Mick Fanning Foundation Video

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