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Vertra Ambassador Spotlight: Jackie Fiero

Vertra Ambassador Spotlight: Jackie Fiero
About Jackie Fiero

Jackie is a professional surf photographer and owns her own photography business, so she’s usually found taking pictures. However, Jackie is garnering recognition in the surfing space as a brand ambassador, too. You might start finding her on the other end of the lens!

Her Launch with Vertra

Jackie has been a brand ambassador with Vertra for a little over a week, but says she already feels like she’s family! She joined Vertra because she wanted to work with a sunscreen brand and add to her ever-growing repertoire of surf-related work.

“The more I learned about Vertra, the more I loved being a part of the family because everyone’s so down-to-earth.”

Now she’s joined the family, we’re excited to launch her partnership with our Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray! We’re also excited about her promo code, so keep scrolling for a closer look!

Jackie’s Vertra Essentials

We asked about her favorite products and it was quite the list! Before giving us the official breakdown, she enthusiastically admitted: “I use so much Vertra.” She’s a fan of the Face Sticks and uses the shades Ehukai Beige and Mick Fanning’s Signature Stick, Coolangatta Beige. She likes to use the Classic Beach Umbrella as well, especially for long photoshoots in the sun. She also raved about the Remover Wipes - noting the amazing smell and how all her friends use them too. She went on to say: “I love using the wipes because it makes my skin so soft and it takes off all the sunscreen so easily.”


Vertra X TIDL Sport | Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray

And of course, she loves the Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray. Jackie told us she works out and surfs a few times a week; however, surfing gives her neck pain sometimes. She stated the spray’s cooling effect helps a lot with that.

“The spray is so convenient, affordable, and super light to carry.”

Photography Projects

When we asked Jackie what her favorite photography project has been so far, she lit up when she mentioned working with Red Bull at Jaws in Maui. She says she wants to continue with her photography business, brand partnerships, and surf photography. We’re so excited to have such an accomplished member on our team and we can’t wait to see where she’ll go next!

To view more of Jackie's work, check out her Instagram here


Jackie’s Promo Code

For 20% off all purchases, use Jackie’s promo code: JACKIExVERTRA21 This promo code is valid from July 9th to July 23rd.

*Promotion is U.S. only.
** Promotional code cannot be combined with other coupons or promotions.
*** Limit 1 use per customer

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