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Product Spotlight | Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray

Product Spotlight | Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray

A VERTRA x TIDL SPORT Collaboration  

From the beginning, Vertra has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions for athletes through suncare and skincare products.

 TIDL Sport and Vertra launched a solution for busy athletes on-the-go; Hemp Powered Cryotherapy Spray. This spray is a duo of cryotherapy technology for immediate relief, paired with hemp-based healing ingredients for long-term recovery. This combination provides a powerful reduction of pain and inflammation - both in the gym and after a long surf session.

This product covers all bases. With the convenient, touch-free spray formula, it can reach every part of your body - from hamstrings to hard-to-reach shoulder blades. Also, there’s no need to rub it in, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue, and it can be worn in the water. 


The Science Behind the Spray   

TIDL Sport, the company that developed this formula, was originally started by a pharmacology student - Dr. Cohin Kakar. After hearing a surge of claims and questions about CBD in the medical space, he decided to take a pharmaceutical approach to a somewhat convoluted industry. After gathering a clinical science team and regulating the entire supply chain for his product, he set forth to formulate products that were research-based, clean, and effective.  

 As a brand with a strong focus on athlete recovery, an emphasis on transparency, and interest in product innovation, Vertra was invested in this formula from the start. They banded with TIDL to promote and supply this cryotherapy spray. Read more below to learn about the science behind the spray and where to get it! 

 About Cryotherapy

 What Is It?

Cryotherapy is well-known in the sports industry for its healing properties, such as muscle recovery and relief from chronic illness. Performed at clinics, the person getting the treatment puts on a dressing gown and enters a “cryotherapy chamber” for a few minutes. These chambers average -110° celsius and are filled with a chilling, all-white fog.

 Top athletes, such as Usain Bolt and Lebron James, vouch for the benefits it provides. Others can’t shake the drawbacks; it can be expensive, time consuming, and for the more claustrophobic bunch - a little intimidating. However, this spray completely changes the game and has created a convenient, inexpensive, and longer-lasting solution to traditional cryotherapy.

How Does It Work?

Traditional cryotherapy is essentially cold compression. This compression activates receptors, which tells the body it’s cold, then decreases blood flow accordingly. However, with the Cryotherapy Spray, there’s no physical compression. The active ingredient, menthol, tricks the body and instead increases blood flow. This makes it easier to absorb the topical ingredients included in the spray. 

 About Hemp

 What Is It?

As the sports industry is moving in a more natural ingredient direction, there’s a surge of interest in hemp-related products, namely CBD. While well-known for pain relief, many people swear by it to help them with other problems, such as sleep issues and chronic illness. While people may be hesitant to try new ingredients, natural products can be more effective, less expensive, and safer than one may expect. 

 How does it work?

The body has systems running all the time. One of these, the endocannabinoid system, is powered by the endocannabinoids that we naturally produce. When we produce these, our body activates receptors in this system to help us maintain homeostasis. 

 This almost parallels the endocrine system, which produces our hormones. In the same way, the amount of hormones our body naturally produces decreases as we get older. This is one reason why we start having more medical problems as we age. For example, as people don’t produce enough melatonin naturally, they take supplements for what the body lacks on its own. However, natural approaches, such as plant-based ingredients and hemp-derived products, can help restore balance to the endocannabinoid system. 

 To break it down, hemp is an entire plant. Hemp itself is where other types of natural medicines come from, each with their own purpose. For example, CBN helps with sleep and CBG can help with depression. The most well-known hemp-derived ingredient is CBD, which helps with inflammation - the main cause of pain in the body. The Cryotherapy Spray is no different, and its two-part formula makes recovery simple, both in the short and long term!    

 What Our Ambassadors Say

 Shane Dorian, @shanedorian  

“That stuff is rad! Been using it on my knee after PT.”  

 Nolan Omura, @nolanomura 

“Game changer!!” 

 Dusty Payne, @dusty_payne  

“…Been using this stuff daily and absolutely love the instant relief I’ve felt on those affected areas, and able to get back to doing what I love.”  




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